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Legoland Malaysia Theme Park Review: Is It Worth For You

Is visiting Legoland Malaysia worth your time and money?

There are many reasons to visit Legoland Malaysia theme park from Singapore.

Most people are intrigued by this wonderful theme park. For those who are planning to visit Legoland Malaysia, be spoiled by the rides, shows and attractions you will find here.

Would it just be like any amusement parks? Can you see the actual Lego feature?

We compile a comprehensive Legoland Malaysia theme park review to convince you to come over to this amazing theme park.

For Those Lego Fans Out There, Here Is Your Paradise

If you enjoyed playing Lego blocks during your childhood, this is the time for you to experience it in a larger scale.

In Legoland Malaysia Theme Park, the rides and activities are divided into seven themed zones.

1. Lego Technic

legoland malaysia theme park

This area is full of Lego bricks and Technic pieces. It is to keep children busy and encourage them to build things.

2. Lego Kingdom

legoland malaysia theme park

This zone is famous for its roller coasters – The Dragon and Dragon’s Apprentice. There are many other rides as well, which are suitable for all age range.

3. Imagination

legoland malaysia theme park

Like its name, this zone is a place for your imagination. Here, you can watch a 4D movie comfortably in air-conditioned theatre. There is also an observatory tower for 360-degree view from the top.

4. Land of Adventures

legoland malaysia theme park

There are plenty of fun activities you can do in this zone. You can take a ride on the Lost Kingdom and Dino Island.

5. Miniland

legoland malaysia theme park

This zone is probably a favourite among adult visitors. It features a collection of miniature Lego version of iconic Asian monuments. More others are KLCC, Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China and Angkor Wat.

6. Lego City

It is a city made up of Lego! This city is full with fun activities for family. There are Rescue Academy, Boating School, Legoland Express and Driving School for children.

7. Legoland Water Park

You can enjoy the water theme park in the same ticket with the main park, or separately. It has more than 20 waterslides and attractions for you to try.

How to Get to Legoland Malaysia?

There are several ways you can choose to come to Legoland Malaysia.

  • By your own car
  • By transport agency
  • By express bus
  • By public bus

How Much Is a Ticket to Legoland Malaysia?

The ticket price is different, according to its packages. You can choose which one suits your preference.

Theme park only

Adult – RM231

Child/senior – RM185

Theme park + Sea Life

Adult – RM278

Child/senior – RM221

Theme park + Sea Life + Water Park

Adult – RM313

Child/senior – RM250

How Many Days Do You Need in Legoland Malaysia?

To fully experience the joy in Legoland Malaysia theme park, you only need to spend two days!

This is perfect if you are planning to buy the combo ticket. So you will have more than a day to enjoy all the fun rides and activities.

With combo tickets, you are allowed to back and forth between the parks. You can exit the main gate, and come back in later. It is much more flexible and easy for family.

Transport to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore

Transportation can be a headache, but worry not. There are five ways of transport that can bring you to Legoland Malaysia theme park from Singapore.

  1. By private car – via Kam Transport
  2. By bus – via Woodlands Checkpoint
  3. By bus – via Tuas Second Link
  4. By coach
  5. By train

Visit Legoland Malaysia with Kam Transport

Kam Transport Agency is an expert in providing land travel service from Singapore to Malaysia. We can cater your needs for transportation and ensure a hassle-free trip.

Now, you can visit Legoland with ease. No more stress for parking and expensive charges, just sit back and enjoy the ride with Kam Transport Agency.

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